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COVID-19 Procedures:


We appreciate all of the hard work that our teachers, staff, and students have put in during these past few months on Zoom, however, we know there’s nothing like being in the studio together! With that said, we will continue to offer virtual classes to those who are unable to participate in person.

These are the safety measures and procedures that The Brooklyn Dance Centers have put in place in accordance with the CDC and the NYC Department of Health: 


  • Masks are required in the dance studio.

  • Upon entry, temperatures will be taken. Anyone having a temperature above 100.3 will not be permitted into the dance studio for that day.

  • There will be multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the studio.

  • We will perform sanitization of the entire facility with a professional grade Electro-static disinfectant sprayer, several times daily.

  • We have invested in state of the art air purifiers for both of our studios.

  • Social distancing will be strictly enforced. The dance floors at our studios have been appropriately marked and sectioned off, to maximize the safety of each student.

  • To participate in class, each student must have a COVID-19 Waiver signed by a parent or guardian. This waiver requires that our students and families inform us if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

  • Only dancers will be allowed in the studios once class begins. Parents will not be allowed to assemble in the waiting room for safety reasons. 

  • There will be designated areas for dancers to leave their bags and belongings during class. Nothing other than the dancer’s belongings and water bottle will be permitted into the studio.

Waiver Form:


All students MUST sign a Cover-19 Waiver before they are permitted to enter either studio. Thank you for your cooperation!

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In-studio covid-19 Procedures

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